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Kansas City Star
by Ed Douglas

Character Building: The Essential Foundation of A Thriving Nation 

The solution to a better society is high ethical and moral behavior, the essence of good character.

Constitution Tribune
by Angie Talken

Douglas proudly serves county, community

The first thing Ed Douglas will tell you about himself is that he has a blessed life.

50 Missourian's You Should Know
by "Ingrams"
50 Missourians You Should Know.jpg

Chillicothe's Ed Douglas and Chuck Haney were recently selected as two of the 50 Missourians You Should Know for 2013, per the choice of the Kansas City-based business magazine "Ingrams," within their March edition. This is the third year that "Ingrams" has published the list, which honors persons they consider the "finest Missouri has to offer in business leadership, non-profit administration, higher education, arts, culture, sports and more."

San Antonio Express
by David Hendricks

Book Tells How Compound Interest Turns $2,000 into $1 Million

"Six years ago, Missouri banker Ed Douglas read a financial book that asked readers to list what they believed in the most. Being a banker, Douglas put "compound interest" at the top of his list. That realization led Douglas to write a book."

Follow Fundamentals First
by Gene Meyer

Your Money

Buying a car with a Discover card is dumb. Buying two is dumber. I know. I  bought them. It was the talk of the car dealer's coffee breaks for weeks afterward. There were mitigating circumstances. My wife and I were buying the cars just four days before our credit union was due to pay interest on the down payments we'd saved.

by Steve Rosen

Hit the Books

Ed Douglas, a bank chairman in Chillicothe, Mo., doesn't recall getting many financial lessons at home. At least while growing up, he said. "I was always kind of a saver." [Douglas] felt strongly that kids need a better jump-start than they got on money matters. And decided to do something about it. He wrote a book to share his perspectives about money. Douglas' book is heavy with information and recommendations... drawing on the author's 27 years as a banker and financial planner. Douglas' audience is young adults ages 15-35 and parents and grandparents.

by Greg Kozol

Banker Gives Tips for Saving

Ed Douglas doesn't wear $1,000 suits, he doesn't ask silly questions, and he certainly doesn't have Kelly Ripa for a daytime sidekick. But, in a way, Mr. Douglas is quietly becoming Northwest Missouri's own version of Regis Philbin - albeit with a lot less cosmetic face work.

The Guide to Get Rich
by Trevor J. Flannigan

Running to Riches 

The book this week was The Money Marathon by Ed Douglas, suggested to me by Jim Wiederholt. It was a good personal finance book written by a retired bank CEO from Chillicothe, Missouri. The book is very concise and straight forward. It is very easy to sit down and read in an afternoon. Douglas relates personal finance to running marathons. Therefore, most anecdotes in the book are running related. I am not a runner, but it's not rocket-science, so most of the comparisons are very easy to understand.