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Personal Finance Seminars

Based on his books, Ed's personal finance seminars are designed to motivate participants to change their financial future and equip them with the information and tools to accomplish this goal. The book, The Money Marathon: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom serves as the outline for the seminar which also includes material not covered in the book. In addition, there are a number of personal worksheets given to participants including a commitment and financial goal sheet, budget sheet, financial statement, retirement and college planners and calculators, checklists and more.


The standard seminar is a 2-hour seminar. Seminars combine stories and antidotes to reinforce major points, and participants are encouraged to interact with questions and answers. Ed also provides current and updated market advice that can be acted on immediately based on current conditions.

Custom Made Seminars

Ed's custom seminars are based on his book and are designed to fit the need of the client. Some clients want shorter or longer sessions based on their particular needs. These can be designed to fit the needs and expertise of the participants.

Employee Seminars

These are designed to improve the personal financial skills of the employee which can make them a happier and more satisfied staff member. Additionally, this can enable them to better handle customer financial needs for the finance and banking industry.

Church Seminars

Ed covers personal finance from a scriptural perspective and emphasizes the scriptural importance of managing money, as well as the importance of giving.

Student Seminars

Based on his books, Ed is also available to speak to students on personal finance as it relates to them at their particular age in life. These are usually an hour or so in length and cover the importance of saving and the power of compound interest, as well as the importance of good credit, the misuse of credit cards, financial goal setting and more.


There are other programs on personal finance. However, Ed believes he covers basically the same topics as other seminars in significantly less time and for less money per participant. Additionally, Ed is not on tape. He is there in person - available to answer specific questions and concerns of participants.


Ed is available to give talks and seminars on his new book 25 Truths: Life Principles of the Happiest and Most Successful Among Us. Church groups, student groups (Future Business Leaders, scouting, high school classes, athletic teams, and others), leadership groups, parents with the children, and service clubs are all appropriate venues for this talk.

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